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If you’re in need of healthcare services — due to an illness or injury — figuring out where to go to receive the best treatment possible can be confusing. On one hand, you can visit the ER or your primary care doctor (for those who have one). On the other hand, urgent care might be the best option.

While all these options provide specific benefits, it’s critical to understand what they all can offer patients individually as the difference in cost, quality of care, and availability can be pretty significant.

When Should You Visit The ER?

Like the name suggests, emergency rooms should really only be considered in emergency situations. Life-threatening conditions such as:

●        Gunshot or stab wounds

●        Severe burns/skin lesions

●        Severe illnesses like encephalitis and west nile

●        Heart attacks or strokes

●        Bone fractures that require surgery 

…should all be cared for in the ER. With that being said, some choose to visit the emergency room for minor conditions, which can end up costing them a lot of money in the long run. An ambulance ride to an ER alone costs over $1,000 (without insurance), according to verywellhealth.com. Not to mention, minor conditions are always given last priority at an emergency room; meaning it could take hours before you’re seen by a doctor.

When Should You Visit Your Primary Care Doctor?

It’s important to note that not everyone has a primary care doctor; this type of doctor is for those with a major health insurance plan and is typically chosen by the insurance provider. 

While most patients see their primary doctor for generalized care, another common reason is to be referred to a specialist after the visit for further treatment. For example: if you’re dealing with an odd skin rash, and your primary care doctor can’t provide a clear diagnosis, they would likely refer you to a dermatologist. 

Keep in mind, primary care isn’t always the best solution. For one, you’ll need to schedule an appointment, which means it could take days or weeks to be seen. The cost of a visit is usually low — depending on your insurance plan — but can be higher if you require further testing or need to be seen by a specialist.

When to Visit an Urgent Care Clinic in Clovis, CA

When you’re dealing with a minor illness or injury, an urgent care clinic can be the most convenient and affordable option for those with or without insurance. At Clovis Urgent Care, we’re open 7 days a week and offer a wide range of urgent care services including:

●        On-site x-rays and blood testing

●        Treatment for sprains and fractures

●        Pediatric urgent care services

●        UTI and STD testing

●        Physicals and vaccines

●        Occupational medicine 

…and more! We’ve built our reputation for being the best urgent care clinic in Clovis and Fresno, California by offering high-quality care for everyone. Check-in online now or visit Clovis Urgent Care today!

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